Artists - Guilherme Gafi


Guilherme Augusto Gafi (1986) was interested in early urban dialectics, using a visual semantics that emerges from the aesthetics of chaos and urban semiotics where he grew up (Santo André-São Paulo / Brazil). Fueled by the dynamics of urban visual noise, a characteristic inherent in large metropolises, it created a dialectic of non-identity and graphic codes present in the everyday life of the urban worker. These codes, sometimes invisible, consumed unconsciously by those who are part of the dynamics of urban alienation

In places where speed symbolizes a supposed development, time, daily scroll, space and notion of property dictate goals and where quality of life is inevitably associated with the speed of the network, traffic, the number of likes or property, Guilherme Augusto Gafi portrays the anonymous participants of this process, the faceless and identity, present in urban space, responsible unconditionally for this driving force to a supposed quality of life. The Artist uses classic techniques such as watercolor mixed with less noble and ephemeral materials such as packaging tape in an incoherent dialog looking for the balance / imbalance of composition within urban visual chaos.

Guilherme Augusto Gafi questions the value of space, real estate speculation and quality of life in the large "megalopoles" and based on the awareness of the value of space in various parts of the planet, through his installations, photography or video , This notion of territory vs. quality of life, placing urban signs in natural spaces, protected landscapes, impossible to live outside urban spaces and large metropolises, where the value per m2 is offered as a synonym of belonging or quality of life