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1967, Pouso Alegre - MG, Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Heleno Bernardi  studied architecture at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and attended free courses in painting, history and art theory at the Lage Park School of Visual Arts.

Heleno Bernardi  is part of the group of artists that gained visibility from the 2004 show, in Rio de Janeiro. He held solo exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, Basel, Nice, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Frankfurt and Hamburg, among other cities.
With urban interventions, facilities, photographs, objects and other supports, it addresses the confrontation of the body with the city and in interpersonal relationships.
In 2005, he participated in the Year of Brazil in France, with exhibition at Galerie Alain Couturier, Nice.

With the series Magma (2007 and 2008), he interfered with glitter on demolished or collapsed real estate, creating a new activation of the public space.
In the project While I Speak, The Hours Pass, work in progress since 2007, installs mattresses with shapes of bodies in fetal position, in public places, creating fields of welcome and affection for the public. The work was awarded by the State Department of Culture of Rio de Janeiro in 2008, generating a series of urban interventions, videos and book.

In the Mano project, one of the mattress bodies travels around the world through volunteers, without any control of the artist. The register of experiences of conviviality with the work, in different countries, is published in a blog.
In 2013, he participated in the Year Brazil Portugal, with individual exhibition in the cultural centers Transboavista and Carpe Diem, in the Gulbenkian Institute of Science and with interventions in public places of Lisbon.
Heleno Bernardi

Heleno Bernardi is coordinator of the Visual Arts Program of IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) in Rio de Janeiro.