Artists - Caroline Valansi


1979, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

I come from a family that had an importance in the construction of cinemas in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Most have fallen into decadence, turning into porno cinemas or shops, few street theaters resist. Being a Brazilian woman in the early 21st century, made me think this story from a feminist perspective.

These abandoned street cinemas have a very strong relationship with the history of the city. A story that talks about urban growth, real estate speculation, the use of public space. I work with this process of urban transformation in Rio de Janeiro, a local process, but also common to many other cities.

The transformation of the old cinemas, that launched in Brazil classics of the European production, in porn cinemas led me to pornography. So I began to think about the role of women within this porn industry and its insertion into contemporary society. My works turn to sex, eroticism, sexuality, feminism. In this context I make the interaction between feminist ideas and the view of women in the universe of pornography, their objectification, their eternal role of submission, which does not only happen on the screen, but also in the daily life of the city.

How does our body navigate the contemporary city? What vectors of forces impel and reproach us? What body do we want? What freedom do we want for this body? How do we want to use our own body in the world? These are some of the issues that go through my work, starting from the familiar affective memory passing through the memory of the city until arriving at the memory inscribed in the bodies that inhabit that space.

In parallel, I was part of the collective OPAVIVARÁ! From 2007 to 2014, when I decided to leave the group to focus on my individual work.